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The VitalStim® Therapy System and the Aspire SwallowStim devices are a non-invasive therapy device to help to swallow through the use of Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES). Electrical stimulation is used to aid muscle strengthening and muscle recruitment to rehabilitate the swallow.  VitalStim® retrains the muscles needed to complete the swallowing process through specially designed electrodes attached to the patient's neck. The Aspire SwallowStim and biofeedback (sEMG) device provides an opportunity for capturing, measuring and visualizing electrical signals of the targeted musculature.

Both the VitalStim® Therapy System and Aspire SwallowStim devices use small electrical currents to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing. At the same time, trained specialists (Speech-Language Pathologists) help patients to re-educate their muscles through rehabilitation therapy.

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