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Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID) is a diagnosis in the DSM-5, that was previously referred to as “Selective Eating Disorder.” ARFID is similar to anorexia in that both disorders involve limitations in the amount and/or types of food consumed, but unlike anorexia, ARFID does not involve any distress about body shape or size, or fears of fatness. ARFID can have many causes, but many sufferers feel extreme anxiety and fear around eating.


Most are aware that these fears are irrational, but are unable to control their fears.   ​Although many children go through phases of picky or selective eating, a child with ARFID does not "outgrow" these phases, and significant complications with growth and development may arise. ARFID can also result in problems at school due to difficulties eating with others or needing extended times to eat. In adults, ARFID concerns can cause severe lifestyle challenges, job difficulties, social relationship challenges, and complex medical issues. is when you experience

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Feeding the Toddler
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